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Neostroma Mattress Manufacture started its activity in 1979 when Ioannis Birtsis, the founder of the company, decides after many years of experience in the production of mattresses, to chart his own path in the field of mattress manufacturing in Pieria. Guided by passion and love, he begins his first business steps in the manufacture of handmade mattresses, quilts and sleeping products in his workshop at 14 Athinon Street in Katerini.

The next step, as a consequence of many years of success and the constant need for development and satisfaction of all customers, is the creation of new modern privately owned facilities in Palio Keramidi, Katerini.

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Neostroma Mattress Manufacture, having its experience, know-how and constantly following developments in the manufacture of handmade mattress pads and sleeping products, is constantly enriched with new modern and quality products and is able to provide the right solution for complete home or professional sleeping equipment (hotel businesses, rooms for rent, etc.). The goal of Neostroma is to serve the maximum needs of customers always with respect and focusing on the customer, maintaining the best value for money, meeting the high demands of the market and its continuous improvement in all areas.

After 40 years of continuous presence in the field of mattress making and having the same love and the same passion from the first day of its establishment until now, we will continue to constantly ensure that our customers have a “pleasant sleep”!



The History

The history of the Neostroma Mattress Manufacture in Katerini begins with the establishment of the company in the laboratory of Ioannis Birtsis at 14 Athinon Street.

First step

The first big step is taken with the creation of exemplary production and exhibition facilities for mattresses, duvets, linens and hotel sleeping equipment at the 3rd km of Katerini – P. Keramidi, where it is still located today.



The linen store “Oikosylloges” in the center of Katerini (October 16, 8), which is now run by Ioanni’s daughter, Anastasia Birtsi, starts operating.

The company

The corporate identity is renewed and the name “Neostroma” is registered nationwide by decision of the General Secretariat of Commerce & Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Economy and Development, focusing on Greek origin and product quality.



According to the requirements of the modern times we proceed to the construction of our e-shop and our further online presence

Neostromia Equipment

Equipment – Staff

At Neostroma Orthopedic Mattress Manufacture we have modern technological equipment and highly trained human resources that are constantly trained and offer high quality orthopedic-anatomical mattresses with a complete range of sleeping products. Each mattress is handmade and after strict quality control is delivered by us to the place of your choice. In this way, the training of the staff is combined according to the latest developments in the field, the modern technological equipment and the traditional techniques of handmade production of mattresses for sleeping products.

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Neostroma Mattress Manufacture is currently housed in privately owned facilities at the 3rd km of Katerini – Palio Keramidi. The facilities include a construction workshop, storage areas and an organized exhibition of the entire range of handmade products for home and hotel sleeping equipment.

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Neostroma mattresses and sleeping accessories are made by hand from clean and healthy raw materials, ecological, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, approved after quality controls so that we have 100% the desired result. For us and our customers, the desired result is the harmonious connection of high quality materials and specifications with the handmade manufacturing process.