When should I change my mattress?

The mattress needs to be changed if you notice any of the following features:

  1. It has dents and bumps or you feel the springs.
  2. You wake up tired, caught and with back and body pain.
  3. Unpleasant odors appear.
  4. Sudden allergy or itching during sleep.
  5. Intense noise from inside the mattress when using it in sleep.
  6. Big change in body weight.
  7. When 8 -10 years have passed since its purchase (depending on the mattress).

Turn your mattress regularly (up – down & front – back). Especially in the first months the change should be more frequent.

Should I choose a spring or springless mattress?

There are two main types of mattresses, those with springs and those without springs.
Spring mattresses offer proper support to our body and especially to our spine and neck. Spring mattresses are divided into two subcategories, classic spring mattresses (orthopedic mattresses) and independent spring mattresses (anatomical mattresses).

Classic springs: Classic springs achieve stability and maintain the shape of the mattress. These mattresses offer ideal support to the body and spine during sleep and are very durable. The classic springs are made in different thicknesses, calibers and heights to adjust the hardness of the mattress and its anatomy depending on the needs of the customer.

Independent springs: Mattresses with pocket springs provide uniform support of the body and the spine, keeping it aligned as, thanks to the independence of the springs, they support each part of the body separately, embracing it and regulating the pressure distribution. This achieves the right anatomy and provides an excellent sense of comfort and relaxation. This support technology prevents the transfer of movement and so during the sleep of two people, they do not affect each other.

As for the mattresses without springs, they can be made of foam, latex or memory foam. Latex or memory mattresses have elasticity and restore body shape, are hypoallergenic and are suitable for those who have restless sleep as these mattresses “absorb” the vibrations of movements.

Should I also get a substrate?

The mattress cover is necessary for a new mattress as well as an old one because it keeps the mattress clean and stains are avoided. The cover is washable and can be either quilted or with 100% waterproof cover so that not the slightest liquid passes into the mattress.

Optionally you can get a top layer (memory, latex or foam) in various thicknesses. The top coat will turn your hard mattress into a new and softer one, give it another feel, extend the life of the mattress you already have, protect it and keep it clean as the fabric from the top layer can be removed and to wash.

What is an orthopedic and what is an anatomical mattress?

Orthopedic mattresses are mattresses with classic springs that support the waist and spine. They are suitable for those who want a medium or hard mattress and for people with extra pounds.

Anatomical mattresses are mattresses with independent springs, they provide uniform support of the body and the spine, keeping it aligned as the springs support each part of the body separately, embracing it and regulating the pressure distribution. It also prevents the transfer of movement so that during the sleep of two people one does not affect the other.

How do I correctly measure the dimensions of my mattress?

An incorrect mattress dimension can damage the mattress (if it is smaller than the bed). Measure using a meter (not a measuring tape) the inside of the bed (NOT the dimensions of the old mattress), its length, width and depth from the surface (eg crate or boards) on which the mattress will be pressed and inform the manufacturer so that adjust the mattress to the bed.

How can I pay for my order?

Your order can be paid in the following ways:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit card
    • 251 € -400 € up to 4 interest-free installments
    • 401 € -800 € up to 5 interest-free installments
    • 801 € and up to 6 interest-free installments
  3. Cash on delivery with a charge of 3 euros
  4. Payment at the store
  5. Via E-BANKING or deposit in the bank in the following accounts:
    • ALPHA: IBAN GR38 0140 8400 8400 0200 2018 400
      (840 00 2002 01 8400)
    • National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR75 0110 3730 0000 3730 1022 705
    • Piraeus: IBAN GR34 0172 2550 0052 5509 7473 460
      IBAN: GR79 0940 0100 0030 1000 1680 000


In case of deposit in the bank, please send the deposit receipt to [email protected] or with fax at 2351077442.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs for small parcels up to 3 kg are at 3 euros / parcel + 0.70 euros for each additional kilo for all regions of Greece and their handling is done by courier. For purchases over 60 euros in small packages, shipping is free.

Mattresses and bulky products:
Larger parcels and mattresses are sent through a transport company and not courier (due to large volume and weight). Shipping costs vary and you can be informed by phone about their cost as they are configured depending on the size, weight, pieces and postal code of the area. For amounts over 600 euros shipping is free (for orders within Greece).

What is the expected delivery time of my order?

Delivery time depends on your order and the area and the update is done by phone. The finished products are delivered in 4-5 working days while the products upon order are delivered in 10-12 working days. In case of delay for serious reasons, you will be informed by phone. The order is executed after its payment has been completed with one of the payment methods mentioned above. The mattresses are delivered to the sidewalk.

Can I return healthy products?

No returns are made on custom products that have been ordered by the client and according to specific specifications and dimensions by the customer and products that have been used such as pillows, covers and mattresses due to hygiene.

Defective – Damaged products
Upon receipt of your products, you must check the condition of the package and if it is damaged or defective, inform us immediately and send us photos on the same day of receipt.

The consumer has the right to return the products he bought within 14 days from the date of their receipt with the sole charge of the shipping costs borne by the company and the return costs.
These products are strictly accepted only if they have not been used and are in excellent condition as received by the consumer without being unsealed or tampered with, along with the corresponding documents (retail receipt or invoice). The products concern ready-made goods and not goods that will be made to order with special specifications and dimensions.
The notification for returns is done by phone or via email at [email protected] and we will inform you in turn about how the return will take place.
The refund is made within 10 working days from the date we receive the products and is made depending on the way the payment has been made. For bank deposits or cash on delivery method, the consumer must tell us the account number, name of the beneficiary and the bank to which the account belongs.