Cash on delivery – COURIER

Pay the COURIER upon delivery of your order.

By deposit to a bank account

You deposit the value of the order into the neostroma account and then its execution begins.

Note: To avoid delays, it is necessary that the name of the depositor and the order number be written on the deposit slip as justification.

The Banks we cooperate with and the details of the accounts are below:

Bank: Alpha Bank

IBAN: GR38 0140 8400 8400 0200 2018 400

Account: 840 00 2002 01 8400

Bank: Εθνική

IBAN: GR75 0110 3730 0000 3730 1022 705

Account: 37301022705

Bank: Πειραιώς

IBAN: GR34 0172 2550 0052 5509 7473 460

Account: 5255097473460

Bank: Συνεταιριστική Πιερίας (Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας)

IBAN: GR79 0940 0100 0030 1000 1680 000


When you complete your order and choose payment by deposit, the products are reserved for you until the payment process is completed. If for any reason your order is not paid within 4 working days, it is automatically cancelled.

Note: In case a deposit is made from another bank’s account, the transaction costs are borne entirely by the depositor.

Payment by credit card

You can pay online through Alpha Bank’s payment link system. All major credit, debit and prepaid cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Discover are supported.

Your transaction is carried out directly with Alpha Bank (with the redirection method) and your credit card details are not disclosed to and for this reason you must register them again for each new transaction. The card details are not stored anywhere and are only used during checking and billing.